YouTube Is Experimenting the Removal of Dislike Numbers

YouTube is experimenting getting rid of the display of dislike numbers on videos.

Announced on YouTube’s Twitter account, the video platform explained the test is a response to creator feedback. Specifically, the tweet cites the well-being of creators, as well as focused dislike campaigns used to harass some creators.

“We’re trying out a few new designs that do not show the public dislike count,” the tweed explains. “If you are part of this small experiment, you might spot one of these designs in the coming weeks.”

While the dislike count number will no longer be publicly displayed below a video, creators will nevertheless be able to see the specific number of dislikes in YouTube Studio, the system’s back-end tools. This means user remarks will nevertheless be provided to those that want it, however any negatives that may additionally come from the number being publicly seen may be negated.

YouTube notes that the test is “small”, and is solely for selected users. There is no warranty that this is the path YouTube will head in; for now, this is simply a test to collect feedback and find out about the outcomes of the change.

To test out if you’ve been included in YouTube’s experiment, why not head over to the Igedevoice YouTube channel and see if the panel below a video has changed. Oh, and whilst you’re there, you may also desire to take a look at some of the YouTube channel content.

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