Uwokwu Rural Electrification is a reality

This is Uwokwu Rural Electrification of two years ago coming to reality with men on site doing marvelous work. A lot has been said on the particular project so much that I went into hiding regarding this project with an intensive prayer to God to bring this day with speed.

Though many were of the opinion that result is an end to every argument, but in this case, it was not so. Result in this case brings more argument and that is the kind of world we are living in.

If this type of project is done or ongoing elsewhere other than Igede land courtesy of House of Representatives Member, all the social media platforms will be agog and it will make headline news within Igede speaking people of Benue State even though we will not be the direct beneficiaries of such projects.

Who is doing us this thing? Who bewitched us this much? Appreciation they always say is an application for more. How come we soon forget this Andyson Iji Egbodo slogan, “if you do well we cheer if you do bad we jeer”. When do we then cheer people for the job well done? I now see why the politics of hatred is at an alarming rate in Igede. We do politics inflicting injury on each other without recognition for how we are going to recover from it.

Dr. Oga Thomas Ona thank you for always stay positive in your criticism. I wish others should swallow their bitterness and remove the veil in their eyes and learn how to be appreciative even when it is a mere greeting they got from someone. It won’t remove the quality and size of their being.


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