50 killed, 35 houses razed, 20 motorcycles looted in seven days raging attacks

In what appears like the Tiv people of Konshisha are sworn to annihilate Igede people of Ukpute, Oju LGA from the surface of the earth, over 50 Igede people have been killed, 35 houses razed and over 20 motorcycles looted in seven days of intense assault on the Igede people in Ukpute by the Konshisha militiamen.

There is no doubt that the communal clash which erupted over boundary dispute between Bonta and Ukpute neighboring villages of Konshisha and Oju LGAs last year, but was halted through the intervention of the state government, has resumed with a new dimension of aggression involving the Tiv people of Konshisha against the Igede people.

Unless proven otherwise, the ferocity and magnitude of the unprovoked onslaught on the Oju people and Ukpute in particular smack of a conspiracy by Tiv race, bouyed by their superior numerical strength, to wipe Igede people from their ancestral land for them to occupy it.

Exactly seven days into the bombardment of the innocent Ukpute town, the Tiv-led government of Benue State remains mum and the entire Ainu Ette have called on the government at both local, state and federal level to wade in and halt Tiv from wiping Igede people off the earth.

As it were, the renewed assault on Igedeland by the Tiv of Konshisha began penultimate Tuesday. Precisely, March 2. The Tiv people launched massive and a military-like attacks on the defenseless and armless people of Ukpute with heavy and sophisticated weapons which the sound alone told the story: that a calculated and well planned and premeditated attacks were being unleashed.

Evidences that the attacks were/are premeditated abound. Prior to the ongoing attacks, the Tivs had begun forceful seizures of Ukpute people’s farms. The stopped the farm owners from venturing into their farms to fetch food from there. Any resistance from the Ukpute farm owners were met with macheting to destruction and setting ablaze of houses. 

The unsuspecting defenseless Ukpute people restrained themselves from retaliating to avoid heavy casualty on own side knowing their attackers were bearing heavy weapon and had been coming fully plotted to fight war.

Investigation into the boundary matter is ongoing but the Tiv people could not wait for outcome of the investigation panel for reason best known to them.

Every shred of security report had been submitted to security adviser to Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom before the escalation of the raging crisis, but the Governor and the State Government keep silent.

All relevant authorities and agencies have been duly informed.

The Ukpute people want the public to know that when Fulani herders were attacking the Tiv people, Gov. Ortom’s voice was loud. He cried out to President Mohammed Buhari. He called on International Organization and all relevant bodies to come to his aide. Now, his kinsmen are killing and wiping the generation of Igede descendants, Gov. Samuel Ortom has disturbingly remained silent.

As you read this, every living thing including human being is almost completely destroyed in Ukpute. Residence are living in fear inside bushes and several places for safety.

The information gathered prior to this attack indicated that the Tiv people have vowed to wipe every living being and every economic tree from the present Ukpute until there is nothing left and they (Tiv) will move in to occupy the place.


Thousands of Igede people have expressed concern over what they have described as Governor Ortom’s silence in the face of the genocidal mission by his kinsmen to Igede nation. The Igede people are viewing the governor’s silence as an edge for his kinsmen with their superior numerical strength to wipe off Igedeland from Benue State.

“There is no scintilla of detail on this crisis that Governor Samuel Ortom does not have.

‘For the past six days of continuous fire arm engagement on the people of Ukpute, Benue State Government led by Samuel Ortom refused to send security agencies whose duty is to maintain peace and order.

Let the whole world know that the entire people of Igede are no longer safe as men who disguise as Nigeria military men have been invading Oju LG from different entrances for reason we are yet to know.

I was an eye witness in Obusa area of Oju when 12 fully armed men with military uniforms but on bike were trying to gain entrance to Oju using Utonko-Obusa road before they were intercepted at Obusa Ainu around 6pm to 7pm yesterday.

We’re calling on the international organization, Civil Society, Human Rights, Nigeria Government and all the relevant authorities to please come to our aid. Ukpute people of Oju LG have been neglected, rejected and abandoned to their fate at the mercy of the dominant Tiv tribe in the state. The Tivs want to use their superior numerical strength against the Igede people of Ukpute location. Minority has become a course in Benue State,” an Ukpute community leader who preferred anonymity cried out.

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