Few hours following the project commissioning of Hon. Okanga Joseph Okponya, the legislator representing the good people of OjuII was the news of NUBESS president slipping off the hands of Igede students hinted on Mr. Obam A. Thomas

A Lagos-based altruist, business tycoon, and an ardent lover of youths, as evidently seen around his sipping table, who wade into the matter on the cadre of jealousy and in a bid to rewrite the existing pattern of sectionalism or sectional dominance that has longed traded on the altar of politics and politicking in the lower Benue valley.

Except for the young legislator whose project commissioning almost have all the illustrious Igede youths in attendance, Hon. Okanga Okponya, other leaders greeted this issue with a nostalgic attitude, fated this fortune impossible.

Some pulled off their shoes and shirts swearing to the futility of any strategy that may be sunk into making this a reality. Therefore, weakening the faith of the young guy who stands to benefit this and his supporters who want it to be recorded in the history of Igede and Zone c.

However, the night of the day which this information gets to the notice of Mr. Obam Thomas, an emergency meeting with the Students and NUIS stakeholders for details was converged at phoenix hotels, Oju to discuss the possible way out to claim this enviable seat at the National NUBESS level.

Shockingly as not commonly experienced in Benue, talk more of Igede where fake political and nonpolitical promises remain the order of the day, where a call of promise reminder is on constant abortion, frequently and deliberately missed to no returns has killed the trust that is built on leader’s promises and others who feign to be destiny helpers.

The business tycoon, Obam Thomas, who had a serious business appointment scheduled for attendance in Lagos revised his brand sparkling Lexus jeep off Lagos road to Makurdi to have this course fulfilled.

Upon arrival, he summoned the stakeholders (who represent the horse of the platform) at City Bay Park where he was made to understand that the position would elude Igede if a sum of N500,000.00 (five hundred thousand naira) is not paid to the section who had colonized this juicy position in NUBESS which death has enriched the non-privileged with.

As unbelievable as it appears to the ear, the position will be Igedes courtesy of his efforts. He, after a close head, head whispering discussion with the stakeholders though in the presence of the students whom the discussion favours, Obam was heard assuring the stakeholders that, if money had been the force against winning home this position, it should be considered done.

Afterward, in his final address to the Students, while on his fitness after the head meeting with NUBESS stakeholders, in a statement coated with humility, the business tycoon insisted he should not be addressed as Sir, he prefers to be called by his name, Thomas.

The emphasis on the unity of Igede against clannish segregation and other synergy dividing devices. After a love message, as a man who understands the language of students, he disbursed the gathering with an amount that ordered them bottles with remnants in their pockets. This after proclamation received old AGC thunderous clap of praise.

Nevertheless, as we anticipate the sure fruitful end of his efforts and other well-wishers he may use his capacity to invite for a hand in this ring where the interest of Igede is muscled for, even if this is futile, his efforts are still laudable as such love is rare in Nigeria and like not seen in the neighboring locale.

No wonder, the Igede and Idoma brethren who wish to have a political leader who will jealously fight for the interest of the people they represent and egalitarian has lost hopes, as they wowed his role on this matter.

Congratulations to the business lord for making the Igede students proud in the red of helplessness from those whom they, by right, such love and support are deserved from.

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