As a New Year Gift to the entire Igede Nation, Dr. Peters Agida Ede facilitated the release of a Mobile Book App encapsulating a comprehensive Igede culture and tradition as well as their specific areas of mutation.

Among other things, the undercurrent for this innovation is in response to the outcry by the students and researchers regarding little or no literature on Igede culture, tradition, and identity particularly a comprehensive e-content which could be accessed 24/7 on a global sphere as available for other tribes. 

In this, Dr. Peters has made a complementary sacrifice leading to the transmutation of the existing Book, Igede Traditional Customs and the Paradox of Modernism by Benson Egbodo to a Mobile Book App to be accessed 24/7 on the global network.

This avenue, he said would provide information sharing on Igede customs that would provide advanced modes of identity and hopefully, the Book App will promote and showcase Igede culture and lifestyles in a variety of ways on a global scale irrespective of international boundaries.

Besides, with the development in the new era of globalization, Igede people should be much more concerned about the uniqueness and particularity of our own culture. Our cultural identity provides the global significance of local knowledge and the sense of self, community, and nation.

What is this Mobile Book App About?

The Book App, Igede Traditional Customs and the Paradox of Modernism by Benson Egbodo is all about the rich Igede cultural heritage and ethical values. It is a compendium of a 23-chapter of relevant research work that explores Igede traditional patrimonies, fundamental cultural values as well as cosmological themes passed down from the progenitors to posterity in a well-articulated manner.  Specific areas of culture and value decimation are also discussed.

Dr. Peters’ effort at this innovation would promote Igede culture at local, national, and international levels making the literature accessible to students and researchers in academic institutions all over the world.

The Mobile Book App to be downloaded into a smartphone can also be the indispensable companion of teachers, government officials, publishers, politicians, linguists, historians, Agba descendants, and the general readers and equally a reference book to traditional institutions.

While wishing all Igede sons and daughters a Happy New Year, he also acknowledged the custodians of Igede culture and tradition, scholars, and patriotic individuals who have sustained our culture via the oral or written medium from ages to this present day.

For now, the app can be downloaded from the following link and very soon will be launched on Google Play Store.  Igede’s sons and daughters are encouraged to support this literature to help update and improve on the app to meet the everyday needs of the readers as well as promoting our identity.

The App was first presented to the Igede Chiefdoms, office of the 1st Class Chief, HRH Oga Ero (CP Rtd) and 2nd Class Chief, HRH (Amb.) Daniel Ulegede and it was received a number of royal blessings.

Use this link to download your Book App, and explore and enjoy the New Year Gift to the Igede.

For more inquiries, contact the author of the Book, Benson Egbodo on 08134273189

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