The first edition of Igede Agba festival

The first edition of the Igede Agba festival was celebrated on the first Ihigile of 3rd September 1957. The festival, originally called ‘Igede Day’, was formed by the defunct Igede Youth Association (IYA) under the leadership of the foremost Igede leaders like Amb. Ogah Okwoche, Pa. Eje Iyanya, Chief Ikande Idikwu, HRH A.A Okpabi and others.

Igede Youths Association (IYA). This group introduced the Igede Day to thank the goodness of God for a good harvest and the beginning of the planting season. This is because the major preoccupation of the Igede people is the cultivation of food crops such as yams, cassava, groundnut/peanut, millet, and rice. The size of an Igede man’s yam farm is a manifestation of his wealth and a widely acclaimed farmer in Igede is called an ‘Ogreji’.

Igede Agba is as old as Igede itself, Igede Agba is been celebrated by Igede people right from Sabo gida Ora in Edo State.

Igede Agba festival is a special period for praising God, it celebrates hard work and dignity of labor. Moral values such as honesty, goodness, social justice as well as respect for the culture of the people are celebrated.

Igede Agba celebration is an extraordinary period for adulating God, it celebrates difficult work and poise of work. Virtues like genuineness, goodness, social equity just as regard for the social individuals are commended.

Igede Agba is not a fetish new yam festival as wrongly viewed in some quarters. It is purely a thanksgiving day.

During Igede Agba, the people’s activities include eating pounded yam, cultural music, dancing, and other forms of cultural displays. The occasion also witnesses the drinking of locally brewed drinks from millet and guinea corn called Apio, Ogbete, Oburukutu, Ogene, and others with different alcoholic content.

May this year’s celebration bring unity, peace and progress to Igede land.

Igede Kaha!

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