New App For Rappers By Facebook

Facebook has doubled down on its efforts to take on the developing Chinese short-video-making platform TikTok. The social media giant has launched a Tiktok-like app called BARS which is for creating and sharing raps.

BARS, which app is now available in the Apple App Store in the US, makes it convenient to create and share raps so that rappers can focus on and test with the content, “rather than investing heavily in equipment and production”.

“Audio manufacturing equipment can be complicated, high priced, and challenging to use. With BARS, you can choose one of our professionally-created beats, write lyrics, and record yourself dropping bars,” Facebook stated in an announcement on Friday.

“BARS auto-suggests rhymes as you’re writing to keep your flow going. You can additionally leap into Challenge mode and freestyle with auto-suggested phrase cues. Choose from a range of audio and visual filters to take your creations to the next level,” the corporation added.

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It is developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) R&D team and is currently available under closed beta testing.

BARS is NPE Team’s 2d launch in the music space, following its public debut of music video app Collab last year.

BARS brings together creators and followers to create, watch, and combine and match unique videos, starting with music.

You don’t need any prior experience to use BARS.

“You can create something extremely good whether or not you’ve just thought of a dope couplet or have been freestyling for years,” Facebook said.

A rapper Erica aka @Bliss posted on Facebook: “The final product on the BARS app sounds like you went to a studio and recorded it. I simply create for myself but listening to my creations sound good, and the superb comments from different people make me feel like, “Hey perhaps I can definitely create a good song and put it out there and people will like it!”

The corporation stated it will open up invitations in batches for the app, starting in the US.

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