Mentality And A Good Approach Have It All

Mentality and a good approach have it all. Don’t be a slave to what you are a prince to. Building Igede of our dream is a collective responsibility. Don’t be naive to an issue that demands your stakes, involvements, and collective bargaining. Don’t handle it with contingency approach kid glove.

I’m tired of this clueless representation, he is not a good leader, he is not even representing us well, he can’t even speak English, he has never moved any motion, he is only good at this or that, these are what most people kept saying.

Now, my question is what are you doing to ensure that you have a representative that will represent you the way you want? Or are you waiting for those who have been doing the work all the while to continue doing it the way they know best so that you too can continue with complaints and murmuring? Why do we even center our criticism in one direction? Don’t you think there are other persons in other positions that call for concern and to also know what they have done or what they’re doing for us?

Oh! We are waiting for them to retire from their jobs and businesses to contest for political position and to regard them as Mr. saint because they have not been around therefore you could not find fault in them. My brother change, these things go beyond Facebook grammar.

Why are we even ranting, quarreling, and fighting with the exchange of words as if the now destiny and the future of Igede are only in politics? Many young vibrant, dynamic, and goal-oriented individuals with global recognition; Igede sons and daughters with the knowledge of what it takes to rewrite the story of their lives, and the Igede nation has long ago been doing marvelously well in agriculture, real estate, and so many professions. While some of us are also busy copying their styles and the following suit.

Just last week, a roadside motorcycle mechanic took up the challenge of doing a culvert in the main heart of Oju town on a street that links other streets where the so-called rich men and women reside. Though not verbal but the great message has been passed across through his deed.

Ordinarily, people may think this should be what LG Chairman should have done or any other politician could have done. But, to him, he has succeeded in written his name with gold. He’s a game-changer.

It’s people with a high pedigree as this young man with prerequisites moral standard alone who has what it takes to challenge our leaders and to dare ask them what they have done for us as people and as a nation.

Recently, a call for synergy and harness of ideas from all Igede youths was made, a platform where we can speak with one voice and engage our leaders with constructive criticism collectively, but our youths all went hidden because it was not a political rally. Yet, you can’t stop open criticism of our leaders using all sorts of disrespectful words on them.

Remember, it is God who chooses a leader, so whoever is on a throne per time should accord his needed respect and honour, in so doing you’re respecting God indirectly. When you don’t carefully choose your kinds of words to be used in addressing your leader (s), you’re also telling the unimaginable numbers of people out there about your weakness and inability to handle issues in which you have a stake.

The recent happening within Igede youth’s organization that led to sharp division and the emerging of two youth’s organizations shows that youths aren’t ready to handle the affairs of our land yet.

We need knowledge, understanding and resources for us to properly manage or handle what we’re clamoring for.

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