IGEDE Baby Names And Meanings

The Igede people or ‘Al’igede’ as they are popularly called are the third largest ethnic group/tribe in the present-day Benue State of Nigeria, with a population of over 1 million people.

Igede baby names originate from many sources including religion, history, and literature.

Naming a newborn baby can be exciting or stressful, or both. Maybe you have a long list of Igede girl names, and Igede boy names already started by the time you find out you’re expecting, but not everyone does.

You may also be feeling the pressure of giving your baby an Igede name they will have for a lifetime.

You can give your baby an Igede name that is full of meaning and tradition or has historical importance. Whichever way, it is important to pick out an Igede name that will fit your child through infancy, childhood, and adulthood. Whatever you decide, if it’s an Igede name that you and your partner love and feel really good about, probabilities are your child will love it too. 

You can additionally get your Igede name list started out by asking family and friends for suggestions, or you can choose a category of Igede names and go from there. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, so go with what works for you and your partner.  

Deciding on your baby’s Igede name is a memorable time and a special decision, so have confidence in yourself and enjoy it.

Useful Tips to Consider For Igede Baby Name

Few more things to consider before making your baby name official. Here are some tips for making sure your baby Igede name is really the special one. 

  1. Uniqueness. Unique Igede names are creative and fun. However, an Igede name that is too special can be challenging to get through life with. If the Igede name is too challenging to spell or pronounce, others may also avoid pronouncing it. The child may also have to repeat it and spell it out many times.
  2. Diversity. If you aren’t certain about a very unique Igede name or a very traditional Igede name, balance it out with a middle name. Pick a traditional Igede name for the first name and an English name for the middle name, or vice versa.
  3. The nicknames from all. Take into consideration all the potential nicknames people and peers could give your child as a result of their given Igede name and make sure you like them and also feel good when you hear the nicknames.

List Of Igede Name Names And Meanings

Abeyi A wise, clever and fine woman who keeps family secrets.

Abi – One with foresight.

Adegwu/Ukenya Community chief priest.

Adikpe – A renowned warrior.

Adiya A queen.

Adoga One who everyone relies upon in the family.

Agbo A powerful woman.

Agburu – One who often uses force.

Agocha A fearless person.

Ahonye A lazy but neat man.

Ajah – Born during parents’ misunderstanding.

Ajigo – Born when the mother is grinding on grinding stone.

Ajoma One who has tried much for others.

Akira – A secretary/record keeper.

Akwuma One who can single-handedly defeat a crown of warriors.

Aladi New beginning.

Alegu Today is greater.

Aleje – Judge.

Alejwu A wealthy man.

Ebah – A talented drummer.

Edor – Good to invest in a child.

Edu/Edeh – One who fights for his people.

Egbe – A fruitful woman.

Egbere – He who provide food for others to eat.

Egiri – One whose mother stays long in the labour room before giving birth.

Eje – A great hunter who kills a tiger.

Eko – A call to duty.

Enegbe-ina-ogbe – As beautiful as a kind of a bead.

Erima – A woman admired by all.

Eworo – A masquerade.

Icha – Braveheart.

Ichiko – Blessings that come with a shock that make people surprise.

Ijeh – One on a journey.

Iji – Lover of woman.

Ijuo – As strong as Tiger.

Inori – A fine, smooth-skinned woman.

Itakacho – One who is often aggressive.

Iyaji – Fear for survival.

Obirang – One who often destroys.

Ocheri – A neat woman.

Ode – A medicine man, a herbalist.

Odije – Lovely and active in all her doing.

Odu – A wealthy woman.

Ofang – One who often refuses before accepting.

Oga – A renowned arbitrator.

Oganya – Women leader.

Ogbaji – A giant who is respected in the community.

Ogbei – As finely structured as grand-pea.

Ogbonyohe – God’s praise.

Ogeyi – Small statured but held in high esteem woman.

Ogireji – One who has too many yams and conquers famine in his household.

Oheji – There’s God.

Ohelume – God is great.

Oheobeh – God thank you.

Ohiama – A beautiful damsel.

Ohiero – A great farmer.

Ohupile – Patience.

Ojeka – One who has come to help the family.

Ojobo – God is great.

Okekeni – Happiness.

Oko/Odugbo – A bid that always perches on a riped palm fruits.

Okpeje – Comforter.

Olaje – A nobleman.

Oluji – Envied for his importance to the family.

Omeje – A royal woman.

Ominyi – One who kills an elephant.

Omiragi – One who kills a leopard.

Onah – Leader of the family.

Onahi – Favour.

Onahinyohe – God’s favour.

Onda – Miracle that can’t be explained.

Onwaji – A baby girl born after a long period of childlessness.

Onwakpo – One who kills a buffalo.

Onwanyi – A beautiful young lady.

Onyeje – Who knows tomorrow.

Otor – Need by all in the family.

Otukpeikwu – One who’s often invisible.

Udago – Wealth that God gives.

Udu – Wealth.

Uduma – A hardworking woman.

Udunyohe – God’s wealth.

Ugwodenyi (Ugwo) – Debt destroys friendship.

Uleko – A queen.

Uwa – Wealth.

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