How to Promote Yourself as an Artist

Reasons why some Igede Upcoming Artiste Will Forever Remain Upcoming

Most upcoming artiste in igede do not make proper use of their social media handle

As an upcoming artiste, your social media account is one of the easiest ways of communicating with your fans. You need to put content on it every day. If you are going to the toilet, take a picture. If you are going to the bar, do a little video. If you are buoyant enough, give away something tangible.

Bad Mastering, Bad mixing of your song

This is also a contributing factor. Who will play your music when the whole production is whack! There are so many upcoming artists out there with good lyrical content but their production is poor and this in return makes the artiste sound local. No Dj would jam your song on the radio if the production is poor. Work with different music producers. The same producer that created the beat and recorded your voice should not be the same producer that will do the final mastering of your songs. They are dedicated sound engineers and professionals that their job is just to mix and master (look for them).

Poor lyrical content, bad concept, bad voicing

Imagine a reggae singer trying to sing blues? The concept from the onset is not proper. What you have to do is to look for your vocal strength and work on it. If you can sing blues very well, my brother, you are not needed in rap. Do your thing, express yourself lyrically. Sing about things your face, talk about your emotions. Sing about everything around you.

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Shoot a music video

This is one of the easiest ways to promote your music. I literally don’t listen to the radio but I watch TV. The only time I listen to the radio is when my friends are having their shows on the radio and I have to tune in to listen for feedback. Music video helps put a face to your music. If your looks are great, it will attract the opposite sex a lot but if you have a pot belle like me, my brother, Hit the Gym. With a music shot in the right format, resolution, and concept, it will get Airplay on TV. There are so many satellite TV stations now and all you need do is get your video to them. Once you are getting airplay on TV, getting your songs played on the radio will be very easy. You don’t have to cut your neck for that. And one of the things music video will do for you is when you go to shows. People, fans will easily identify you. Even when you are on stage singing, they would be telling themselves that they have seen this guy on TV. (And again take note that you are going to do a lot of free shows. The moment you blow, free shows stops) be wise!

Not creating a Niche for yourself in the industry

As an upcoming artiste, you need to stop copying other people’s style of music. Stop copying other people’s beat, stop copying other people’s sound. Create your own style, create your own pattern. Stand out.

Not wanting to freestyle

Free styling is your selling point. At times people or fans want to hear you sing without musical instruments. Freestyle your songs, record a Crystal clear video of your freestyle. Upload on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc.

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