How To Enable Google Password Generator

Google has launched Google Password Generator for chrome.

How you can enable Google Password Generator?

To use Google password generator You have to enable password synchronization in your chrome browser.

  • Visit Chrome://settings and click on Login
  • After logging in It will show you a Prompt stating synchronization has been enabled
  • Now enable password Generator by experimental features screen and to the feature screen simply type chrome: flags in the address bar and it will show you a list of features you can enable.
  • Now go to the search Flag field and type Password, Now you will see a new flag by Password Generation.
  • Set the Password Generation Flag to enabled and Now it will ask you to relaunch the browser, Simply click on it & relaunch the browser.
  • Now the feature has been enabled and You can use Chrome to Generate strong passwords.

What are the Steps to Generate a Password at chrome?

Once you have enabled the password flag, Google will automatically generate a password for the password field. In case if it’s not doing then You can follow the given steps.

 Right Click on chrome and click on Generate password shown in the Context menu.

 After clicking on that it will show you the Generate Password dialog box. Click on that it will automatically create a strong password for your account.

 It will also save the password to Google’s Smart Lock Password Manager, So it will automatically fill the password at the time of login in other devices.

How to enable Google password generator on iPhone?

Google Allows you to Generate passwords for iPhones & iPad as well. follow these simple steps to turn sync on in iPhone.

  • Visit the chrome app on your iPhone or visit the website.
  • Now Sign up for an account or log in if you already have an account.
  • After successfully login click on the password textbox.
  • Now tap on suggest password Find Article, now it will show you a number of passwords as a preview.
  • Now click on use suggested password.
  • Now it will automatically save your password.

Now you can sign in with your saved password.

  1. Simply open the chrome app in your iPhone
  2. Now go to the site you already visited, here you will see the site’s sign in form.
  3. If you have saved your password for this site it will automatically fill it with username and password. In case of multiple saved passwords choose one according to your site.

You can manage your passwords, for that simply go to or to the chrome ://settings/passwords page in Chrome. On this You can disable auto sign-in and saved accounts usernames and passwords.

If you want to start or stop Google password generator change notifications.

Go to the chrome app, On the right side of the address bar tap on settings. Once you have opened settings open account and click on sync and Google services. Now turn warn You or off. 

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