On the 7th of March 2021 was historical and indeed remarkable in the history of the communities of Oye Obi and Okobi in Orihi Council Ward of Obi LG and Ainu Council Ward in Oju LG.

It was an awesome moment at the official commissioning of the power Solar Boreholes drilled by the federal ministry of Environment and Water Resources ably facilitated by Mrs Alice Ojowu, a Director in the Federal Ministry of Environment and Water Resources.

Hon Minister of Water Resources Engr. Suleiman H. Adamu ably Represented by the Director in the Ministry Mrs Alice Ojowu was physically in attendance to carry out the commissioning of the Boreholes which was an intervention and a quick respond to the outbreak of a deadly disease which claimed lives not fewer than 200 persons last year in the said area.

Mrs Ojowu upon her arrival in Oye Obi of Orihi Council Ward, was given a warm reception on behalf of the Hon Minister by the women groups who are the direct and number one benefactors of the Boreholes. Mrs Ojowu also received an honour and chieftaincy title from the community of Oye Obi as “Oyang Gwu Alang” meaning one woman that surpassed men.

She expressed joy and happiness on behalf of the Hon Minister for being part of the intervention process and for seeing it come to its fullness today. She sympathized with the community over the lives lost to the deadly disease and pray God consoled every family and grant them fortitude to bear the irreplaceable lost.

Mrs Ojowu however received the disappointment when she turned to acknowledge the presence of Obi LG Chairman and Oju LG chairman but discovered that none of them was present. She was sad that most politicians from Igede don’t always tend to embrace good thing nor identify with it.

In a long but comprehensive address presented by the youths of Oye Obi, Mama water as mostly referred to was highly praised for standing in the gap of the community and Igede at large. She was encouraged by the youths to continue with the good work and never to get deterred by anything.

Recall that the Power Solar Boreholes drilled by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Water Resources was the first and ever Federal Government presence in Oye Obi and as such, the youths in their address took out time to logically itemized some of the major problems that has been stirred on them over decades. Ranging from lack of good roads network, political marginalization, lack of health facilities, lack of educational facilities and network services.

In their words, today we are privilege to see President Buhari, Hon Minister, Governor of Benue State, Commissioner of Water Resources Benue and chairmen of our two LG all in you. Please, help us to convey our message to the President and all the relevance authority, that we are behind, neglected and rejected in everything.

Mrs. Ojowu when reacting to their address affirmed that out of all the challenges mentioned, lack of a good road has been confirmed having known what we passed through to get here. That Oye Obi is backward in health facilities has also been confirmed from the outbreak of the deadly disease last year and low attention received from Local Government. She promised to take their message upward.

Coming to Okobi another community that benefited from the intervention. Mrs Ojowu was highly received and welcomed. She also was received another title by the women group, “Onyang Onyila Hepwa (A good woman is worthy of home), followed by the presentation of a baby who was named after her to solidify and substantiate her good work in the community which must always be remembered for.

In company of Mrs Alice Ojowu for the official commissioning was Igede Royal Father, HRM Chief Oga Ero CP (rtd) represented by District Head of Iyeche HRH Chief Uko Ogakwu, Hon Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources Benue State represented, HRH Chris Ijale Ad’Obi represented, Society of Women Council of Nigeria, Royal Daughters, Igede Youth Council (IYC), media men and my own Boss James Ibechi, NTA MKD, & AIT ABUJA.

Conclusively, Mrs Ojowu draw the cotton by exposing the community to the necessity of water.

My good people of Oye-Obi “Water is life” and I am glad that we in the water family have done our part by giving you clean and potable water to enable you live a healthy life free of water-borne diseases. The baton now rests with you. We therefore charge you, with the support of appropriate authorities at LGAs and State, to assume the responsibilities of operation and maintenance of these schemes to the benefit of all. This borehole belongs to ALL INDIGENES OF THIS COMMUNITY. We urge you to take ownership of it and ensure effective and sustainable maintenance of the facility.

Igede Kaha!

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