Onda Uda Felix quote of Nick Eworo was lauded with applauds.

The formal process of entering a university, or of becoming eligible to legally and officially be recognized or accepted into the university as applicable to other institutions after fulfilling certain academic requirements, known as matriculation was in this 2019/2020 session the best of it for the Igede students in Benue State University, as confessions were made from old and new Students.

In spite of the many deterring forces of the wind which the contemporary youths fondly refer to as OWU, blows. Comr Edor Samuel Idah, President NUIS BSU stood undeterred. The Mind of minds who perhaps would be of courage shook however in the presence of his bentless determinations. Hence, he employed dynamism to the success of the ceremony that was occasioned to welcome the new Igede students to the university.

Truth be told, his effort aside, this would not have been possible. He is the major force behind the success of this event which had not in recent time occurred in the history of NUIS if at all BSU had witnessed such from the Igede leadership. What appears more like a shock was how all the needed equipment and resources were in a blink of an eye made a readily available courtesy to his person.

In an investigative chat with the 01, while trying to know how all the resources came about, he said, his interest is to make sure he empties himself to ensure the right thing is done for Igede students.

The NUIS stand (canopy) was filled with Igede students, excos, and stakeholders who willfully came to celebrate with the fresh students. It was also a groundbreaking event as men loosed their loins regardless of the regalia they were adorned, the honour they ought to secure, and the fact of being senior students and danced to the wonderful commixture of Igede and English music of the DJ.

The MC’s unique style of pairing two opposite sex on the dance floor was enjoyed with non-stopped smiles and laughter by the participants and passer audiences. While, her HRM, Miriam Ode Okpunyi in her discretion ordered the sharing of cakes and the available combinable assorted to multiply the fun from the show as a focus were totally off the refreshment.

As in the case of the Samaritan woman, students went fetching for one another to come to witness the uproarious event and to this credit, the NUIS stand was filled with a great number of Igede students.

The Idoma kingdom fully represented by his HRM, Ochi’Idoma, Comr Udoh Patrick in his specially made Agbada regalia, came to felicitate with the Igede kingdom in the company of his excos and sons. This particular moment was greeted with a loud shout of joy as mixed dance steps began to unfold from the two varying tribes.

Afterward, the Och’Idoma while speaking brief the audience on the historical perspective of the Idoma and Igede brotherhood, emphasised the need to inhabit and promote that love in the university amongst ourselves as well.

In reply to this peace encapsulated speech, Our stakeholder, Special Adviser on students matters to the Chairman of Oju LGA and top contender for the SU vice-president BSU, Onda Uda Felix, welcomed his Royal Majesty, thanked him for dethroning himself to felicitate with his brothers and assured him of Igede student’s commitment to growing the love that bounds them. In furtherance, he stated that whatever is needed to be done for the interest of Zone C in our capacity will not be received with mixed feelings.

Thereafter, melodious music was used to accompany their exit.

Subsequently, we received a closing remark from Comr. Edor Samuel Idah and Comr. Onda Udah Felix on the need to encourage formal education in Igede society. While all eyes gazed at his oral prowess, Onda Udah Felix quoted Nick Eworo as saying, “If we are the minority in numbers, we should be the majority in our brains”. This received the best applaud of its kind in the event.
Closing prayer took the last part, as did the opening prayer at the beginning.

Egbe John Okpabi
Public Relations Officer.

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