Dear Rt. Hon. Jarigbe Agom , it is with utmost respect and undaunted believe in your highly exalted office to deliver good tidings to the good people of Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency, a people you are ably represeningt at the National Assembly that I bring you this Goodwill message.

As a Constituent of the Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency, I’m concerned, and wish the best for co-constituents and Constituency. You are indeed a great Member of Parliament. More power to your elbow.

Nevertheless, I have a bewilderment that postdates your intention to leapfrog into the Red Chambers from the Green where you presently belong.
A bewilderment that tells the truth to the very root and I hope you take my candid submission without prejudice.

Tuesday, 24/03/2020 was one sad day too many in our political history; Dr. Mrs Rose Okoji Oko, the Senator Representing the good people of CR-NORTH Senatorial District was confirmed dead from a far away United Kingdom Hospital where she had earlier been flown-in to take treatment for her failing health: may her soul rest in peace, she did not make it.

You were going to have your name etched in gold, which never had been, as it seemed when you suddenly came out on your FB page to admonish the Constituents not to play politics with the death of the ‘good woman’ who just passed on.

You refered to the late Abba Kyari and asked where he was irrespective of the power he wielded politically; though a rhetorical question, the answer was “six feet under the ground”.

You pacified and satisfied my ego, there was some moral justification from a Member of Parliament (MP). God bless him, I prayed.

It wasn’t too long before you expressed your readiness to support a Yala agenda of the replacement of the deceased Senator by another Yala Senator, in accordance with the party ‘understanding’ of a Yala Senate slot and the Ogoja House of Reps slot that saw you into office a second time, it was worth it: the man whom, not so many knew his closeness to you was mentioned in your submission; Dr.Stephen Odey, your campaign manager who stood firm, against all odds, including taking a stand against a noble Yala son ( in the person of Chief Jude Ngaji) to ensure you returned to the Green Chambers as agreed by the ‘Governor and Party stalwarts’, which he did.

You said he was your friend and that you were going to support his ambition of succeeding the late Senator, but that was politics.

Of course, the Ogoja, which birthed so many LGAs as are part of this constituency surrounding it: Obanliku, Obudu, Bekwarra and Yala had never had a shot at this exalted seat of the Senate, hence the gathering of the’ vultures where the carcass is’. You were going to travel home to consult with the stakeholders and that you’d be willing to submit to a ‘superior argument’.

This day, I do not intend to bother you with plenty of literature, not so much so that you and your media men would find dismissive to go through, I pencil down this episode amongst so many, that will center on the truth that will move us further.

The truth that you reneged on your “good will” for the Yala Nation and the entirety of the good people of Cross River North.

The continuous and incessant legal battle which is distracting you and your performance at the Green Chambers to the detriment of your Constituents, your seeming, but unrealistic notion that Distinguished Senator Odey would not move motions or support/sponsor any Bill at the 9th Senate any longer, premised on his illegally occupying the Seat, as against what we saw him do yesterday.

The Senate, through his motion now know officially about the deplorable state of the Roads in the Senatorial District of Cross River North.

You seem also to be much derailing in your passive conclusion that this Senate talk is strictly between you and the very revered Joe Agi, SAN as you mentioned in one of your responses to a critic recently, citing the matter at the level of The Tribunal and Court of Appeal, they are laughable and will soon be focused on in subsequent episodes.

In all, I would always submit that you honourably resign your position as the member representing the good people of Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency if you truly affirm that you are a Senator-elect who only as a matter of time will be sworn- in.

Let that Seat be declared vacant and let’s give your supporters hope that, one day, you will be sworn-in as the Senator representing the good people of CR-NORTH Senatorial District, otherwise, we shall leave judgement to posterity.

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