Adiko development association (ADA) hosted Rt. Hon. Samson Okwu: the member representing the good people of Oju Obi Federal Constituency, Hon. Peter Onche: the member representing the good people of Obi, Benue State House of Assembly, Hon. Mrs Agnes Erebe: the manly Chairperson of Obi Local Government Council,  Hon. Augustine Abe: Commissioner Benue State Electoral Commission (BSEC) at Ojenya Adiko , Obi Local Government Area Of Benue State.

The above association expressed their gratitude to Rt. Hon. Samson for his laudable projects in Adiko such as; electrification of Omaga-Ipinu and construction of Obeko- Adiko- Ikutungbe road. The host asked the law maker in the green chamber to: build a community’s Hall, extend the electrification to other parts of Adiko and the completion of the road respectively.

In the remarks, the oya ko ho 1 of Igede: Hon. Samson, thanked the host for the recognition given to him. He assured them for community’s hall, that development is a gradual process, that he will continue to do his best for every community in Igede Nation.

The canny lawmaker charged them to continue to support PDP everywere.

Also, Hon. Peter Onche charged Adiko community to support PDP more.

Hon. Mrs Agnes Erebe, and Hon. Augustine Abe charged Adiko community to be stronger in their support to PDP.

In the continuity of celebration today…

The family of Emmanuel Okwu praised to the sky for the surviver of Emmanuel Ugbefu Okwu.

Emmanuel is my colleague in the struggle: Igede must great. He is a boy to Rt. Hon. Samson Okwu. He is a former SSA to Governor Samuel Otorm.

Emmanuel Okwu’s story is not much different from the Lazarus in the bible: who resurrected from death.

Emmanuel sick, of which many people have lost the hope of his surviver but, Jehovah Yahweh restored him.

What a faithful God!

We emblazoned Ikutungbe community in Obi Local Government Area of Benue State, for the surviver of Emmanuel Ugbefu Okwu!!

Rt. Hon. Samson Okwu was there live as well as other leaders: Hon. Peter Onche, Hon. Mrs. Agnes Erebe , Hon. Joe Ipenyi and his wife, Prince. Barr. Obande Idikwu, Hon. Otis, Omirinya Jacob and many other dignitaries were there for the Thanksgiving and celebration.

Rt. Hon. Samson sent cash to the church Emmanuel Okwu used to worship in order to support the work of God in the area.

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