The Igede people (Children of Agba) unarguably has achieved fortunate statures in recent years yet; there are a few voices that can’t be heard from the grassroots, the voice of native individuals and the minorities.

In this way, as the name suggests ‘IGEDE VOICE’ We are out with the sole point of offering a voice to the voiceless, raking news from town corners and urban areas.

Guaranteeing improvement in our dear land through successful news coverage. We have set a norm, not to bargain or be controlled by political shenanigans. Our objective is to update you with all the latest news in our land.

We will be updating you with all the happenings in our Land. The people’s interest is our goal.


To impact positively on our Readers/Clients and society by providing top-notch, reliable, and undiluted media for promoting knowledge, development, political stability, and economic prosperity.

There are many voices out there covering news, music, movies and entertainment in general. Igede Voice aims to make those voices louder and connect with a global audience.

Welcome To The Beginning Of A New Beginning!

Igede Kaha!