A young road side motorcycle mechanic in Oju town has repositioned or restructured the minds of the young Igede people towards something more profitable than ever. The message is loud and clear. That, it is not only when you are voted into political offices or occupy juicy political appointment before you can give back to the society.

Though, the act was a gesture and philanthropic, it is a message laudable to the deaf and visionary to the blind, more especially when this kind of community service does not come on the heels of intention for political aspiration, and even if it does, we have witnessed and recorded such cases in recent past with laudable ovation and straight to political aspiration.

Sincerely, this should be seen as a wakeup call to all the politicians of Igede extraction and those who the nature or the society has given to in large quantities, yet refused to appreciate or give back to the society same measures.

The young man whose pictures and messages are trending so wide on the pages of social media do this out of heart pricking challenge and prolific awareness of how much it’s pay to give than to received. From one of the video clip I watched, the young man does not embark on the project in expectation of something in return from government or any individual.

One thing that continue to baffled my mind and kept me wonder is, what exactly could have ignited his choice of taken up this gigantic project? Under personal consideration, the money to be invested into this project is huge enough to be invested and established himself in any other cadre of business outside the mechanic work he’s already into?

To me, the best way and language to use on the selfish and greedy crops of politicians in Igede land is what this young man has done. It is not in the talking but in the doing.

A road side mechanic carrying out a project worth millions of naira when our councilors could not even think along this line not to talk about the big Boss in the house.

Gradually, it’s has become a norm and culture for LG Chairmen in recent time never to carry out any project (s) within the Local Government again, culverts and other little things they can do are all left in shambles.

We often cried and yearned for youths or young people to man the leadership position in Igede land, for quite some time now, we have recorded good numbers of young guys steering the leadership position of Oju Local Government Council, yet nothing to be point at as their footprints. If a road side mechanic can pick up this kind of challenge as a dream and turned it to broad day light reality, no LG chairman of Oju has justification for their insensitive to the felt needs of their people.

Mr. Iko, may the good God continue to gives you strength, open more new ways for you. Because you’re so committed to this course with little in your hands, more will be entrusted into your hands.

Accept my sincere appreciation.

Igede Kaha!

Ogbu Hardy Owulo

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