12 Igede Proverbs To Live By


Each tribe has its own wise proverbs or sayings, which are, wisdom passed down from generation to generation. While these proverbs may also differ from one language, culture, and nation to another, the wisdom they carry is universal. Igede, in particular, has many inspirational sayings, many of which provide a captivating insight into our rich and vibrant culture. Discover some of our favourite Igede proverbs:

Proverbs And Meanings

1. “Akama a-aji Lo lomwu kaleka” – There’s no smoke without fire

2. “Omyela RI okpoko onyoru,ujiji RI okpoko igom” – Speech is silver, silent is gold

3. “Umwu ochiwa minyeng ka choo-jwenyi” – A small leak will sink a great ship

4. “Akwo oluwho -luwho a ka hanu gwu le” – Empty vessel makes the most noise 

5. “Ugbe nyokoji oligogo a ka lipyo gwu le” – The forbidden fruit tastes sweetest 

6. “Ela oyha deji kpeela ka” – A stitch in time saves nine

7. “Myahi nyemwu onyobiri nyang Uka kahi pye” – Look for your black goat in the day time 

8. “Ogom ichochi jene nyeji Okaka” – A pride goes before a fall

9. “Egbeju imiyhe hagw’okpokpo” – Two heads are better than one

10. “Ichinu ilarwurwu okpokpo aka whu lawule le” – Birds of same feathers flock together 

11. “Igonyi Kira nyang a no, uwa ugbeyi a ka da bwu le” – Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

12. “Ugbeyi nwoja ka” – Road is not enough for stories

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